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We are in a period of rapid ecological change that requires radical transformation of humanity's worldview and way of life. 

Followers of Jesus must develop an ecologically-conscious faith (eco-faith) that helps this transformation.

“The Great Work now, as we move into a new millennium, is to carry out the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner.”  - Thomas Berry

Each day also brings a growing number of people who are pursuing a different way of life - a way that is hopeful, healing, rooted in relationship with God and whole community of creation - the interconnected, interdependent world of animals, plants, land, water, and air which we call home. We are striving to live sustainably, and reforming our lives around God's call to love and care for creation. We are learning from those farther along the way and working together for a more just and verdant world. We are awakening to the sacredness of all that surrounds us, and finding ourselves more rooted, healthy, and hopeful. We believe that this is the way forward.

The challenge of our time requires“transformed values and cultures, a new wisdom; new songs...and new architecture.  - Larry Rasmussen

Circlewood is a community of people who are on this way together. Our work is focused on supporting one another as we help others transform the way they inhabit the earth. Our local work is based in the Puget Sound region of Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest), but we are part of a transformative, global movement. We are disciples - learners - who encourage and challenge one another with a lot of grace. We are rooted in the Christian tradition, but open to all who want to share in the journey.

STATEMENT OF INCLUSION: We are all kin. As we accelerate the greening of faith together, we honor and welcome every person who loves and cares for creation. We recognize the unique gifts and perspectives that come from differences in ability, gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, social background, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

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