James Amadon, Executive Director

I was raised in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire and have slowly made my way west via North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago and pastorates in Salem, Ore. and Bellevue, Wash. Cascadia has become home, and I love how the work of Circlewood deepens my connections to God, my community, and this incredible landscape. I have enjoyed exploring these connections through my recent Doctor of Ministry work at Duke Divinity School, which culminated in a thesis entitled The Ecological Pastor. I love making new connections - feel free to contact me at


Louise Conner

I currently serve in leadership and support positions at Highland Covenant Church in Bellevue, Wash. I love to write, read, hike, and garden. I yearn for the people of God to treasure and love the complex and beautiful world that God has created, and embrace the God-given responsibility to be loving stewards of this created world. I love how Circlewood is helping to make this possible. 

Tim Hedberg

I currently serve as a Financial Services Representative for Covenant Trust Company. Previously, I was a pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church for 22 years. I am honored to serve on Circlewood’s Board as I have a passion for all of creation being restored. I live in Mount Vernon, Wash., with my wife Deb and our three children.

Forrest Inslee

I am a professor of international community development in the Seattle area. I have a deep attachment to the wild spaces and climate of the Pacific Northwest, where I was born and raised; in creation is where I sense God most profoundly, and hear God’s voice most clearly. I have a keen interest in ways that environmental justice intersects with economic development, social justice, and community building.

Beth Knox

I produce large-scale, special events in the Seattle region that bring people together in shared celebrations through culture, community and inclusion. I have served in leadership positions in the not-for-profit industry for 30 years, with a focus on strong partnerships, strategic planning and community engagement. I believe we are all responsible for intentionally stewarding our earth with faith in God’s plan for creation. I live in Issaquah, WA with my husband and am mom to twin college boys.

Glenn Palmberg

I am a retired Evangelical Covenant Church pastor having served as a parish pastor and as an administrator in theological education and denominational leadership. My wife and I live on Vashon Island, Wash. We spend much of our time with family, especially our four grandsons, though I also do volunteer work at a homeless shelter in Chicago. As a follower of Christ I want to 

deepen my discipleship in terms of caring for Creation, particularly in how it impacts the poor. As a grandfather I want to live responsibly and protect God’s earth for the next generation. Being part of Circlewood provides me with these opportunities.

Lenore Three Stars

I’m Oglala Lakota, born on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, where my dad was born. My mom is Minnecoujou Lakota from the Cheyenne River reservation. Until recently I worked for the U.S. Department of Education in Seattle resolving civil rights complaints; now I am a grad student working toward a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from the North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies at Portland Seminary. I live in Spokane and am the on-site Unci (grandmother) to my takojas (grandkids). I love the mission of Circlewood, and am particularly pleased that the values, insights and wisdom of indigenous people are welcomed.

Tom Ruebel

I’m a retired radiologist who is interested in discovering more about our relationship with God’s creation and our call to care for it. I am grateful for Circlewood and excited to see it grow and flourish.


Tom and Christine Sine



I love to describe myself as a contemplative activist, passionate gardener, author, and liturgist. I am inspired by Celtic Christian spirituality, which has opened my eyes to the God who is present in every moment, every experience and every place. I co-founded Mustard Seed Associates with my husband Tom and directed the ministry from 2004-2016. My retirement has made it possible for me to write full-time. My new book The Gift of Wonder: Creative Practices for Delighting in God will be available March 2019. Other books include Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray, and Rest in the Moment: Reflections for Godly Pauses


I also facilitate workshops on spirituality and gardening, simplicity and sustainability and how to develop a more spiritual rhythm for our lives. These interests serve as the inspiration for my blog GODSPACE, which gives voice to a diverse community from around the world to inspire readers to notice, explore and experiment with fresh ways to connect more intimately to God, more effectively to their neighbors and more responsibly to creation. 


In my former life I trained as a physician in Australia and developed and directed the healthcare ministry for Mercy Ships. 


With Tom I am excited for Circlewood, and inspired by its developing vision to help people develop connections between spirituality and sustainability.


I also share Christine's embrace of Celtic spirituality because it is a vital whole life faith that embraces creatiion care and compassion for those in need.  My favorite thing is working with Christine to prepare food from all over the for friends for all over the world....most have survived. 


I too am a struggling author. I have written a series of 9 or 10 books including: with The Mustard Seed Conspiracy, Wild Hope, Mustard Seed Vrs McWorld and The New Conspirators..  I am currently working on a book project entitled Going for Your Best: Creating New Possibilities for the Turbulent 2020s. 


I have also had the opportunity to serve as a futures/innovations facilitator working with and learning from from organizations from Habitat for Humanity, Tear Fund UK to IVCf.  I also have enjoyed my years as a teacher at Fuller Thological Seminary in Seattle and the University of Washington plus working with World Concern with a project in Haiti.

I share Christine's enthusiasm for the flourshing of Circlewood.  We are particularly thankful to God for James Amadon's able leadership and the strong board he has secured to lead Circlwood into the future.


The mission of Circlewood is to cultivate transformative communities that love and care for all creation.

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