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Our educational initiatives focus on three areas:

Ecological Leadership - Learning how to guide communities and organizations toward a more ecologically connected, healthy, and sustainable way of life.

Practical Earthkeeping - Implementing ways to care for the earth in our lives and communities.

Spiritual Renewal - Connecting to the divine in and through the community of creation.

We pursue these areas through internships, learning cohorts, workshops and courses, guided retreats, and various events.​ See below for upcoming opportunities.


Upcoming Educational Opportunities

Ecological Christian Leadership Cohorts

The ECL cohort connects, supports, and equips Christian leaders who are seeking to lead their congregations/communities toward a more ecological understanding and practice of faith.  

It's designed for those with leadership roles (formal or informal, paid or volunteer) in Christian communities and organizations (churches, camps, schools, parachurch ministries, non-profits).

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Contact us if you're interested in:
  • Oral presentations—speeches, sermons, etc.
  • Interactive workshops—educational and practical
  • Events—retreats, vision trips, service projects

Our Educational Partners

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