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Circlewood Voices

Circlewood Voices includes the Earthkeepers Podcast, The Ecological Disciple, and our social media channels.

Earthkeepers Podcast

The Earthkeepers Podcast connects listeners to creative earthkeepers from around the globe. 

The Ecological Disciple

The Ecological Disciple is an online journal helping readers "learn to follow Jesus from the ground up."

"There are voices we must listen to: the voices of scientists warning us about our changing world; the voices of those suffering on the front lines of climate change; the voices of young people facing an uncertain future; the voices of our fellow creatures groaning under the weight of human activity; the voices of poets and children and change makers; and the divine voice that hums and sings and speaks through the still blessed world. When we have listened deeply to these voices, then we may add our own."

James Amadon

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Circlewood and Media

Click here for information about Circlewood for use in news stories and media publications.

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