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Circlewood Village

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Set within a dynamic 40-acre forest on beautiful Camano Island, Circlewood Village will be a center for transformation and innovation where people come to be changed through:

  • Connection – experiencing life in intentional relationship with the the whole community of creation.

  • Co-learning – exploring ecological worldviews, practices, and spiritualities that challenge the status quo and call us to new understanding.

  • Collaboration – working with others to accelerate cultural change that restores and nurtures health and wholeness for people, communities, and ecosystems.

The Village's Mission:
To accelerate the greening of humanity

The Need

We are in a period of rapid ecological change affecting every place and people group on Earth. Major issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, and soil erosion are disrupting essential ecosystems, negatively affecting vulnerable populations, and pointing towards a very difficult future.

While emerging political, corporate, and technological solutions are promising, we cannot depend on the same frameworks and tools that helped create this crisis to get us out of it.

Changing course will require a major transformation of humanity’s worldview and way of life – a cultural, moral, and spiritual task that Thomas Berry called “The Great Work” of this new millennium. To guide and accelerate this Great Work, we need places that demonstrate what it means to live in harmony with the earth, places that enable old patterns and ways of thinking to unravel and reform, places that unlock and unleash humanity’s creative capacities for change. We need places that gather the growing energy and work around the Great Work and help it move a little faster, places that “accelerate the greening of humanity.”

Circlewood’s innovative design team, immersive educational strategy, and talented leadership is creating such a place.

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The Village

Circlewood Village will be set within 10-acres of Circlewood’s 40- acre forest. The village center is a circle of buildings and gathering spaces for hospitality, shared meals, and learning. A short walk brings you to additional classrooms, greenhouses, gardens, and support buildings. A little farther and you come to one of three “mini-villages” comprised of specially designed housing units. Continue on and you find yourself immersed in a mixed-age, diverse Pacific Northwest forest, home to owls, eagles, coyotes, deer, and the Circlewood Village community.


Village Center

  • Welcome Center/Staff Offices

  • “The Commons“ – Dining Hall + Teaching Kitchen

  • Classroom Building

  • Great Hall

  • Outdoor Spaces: Amphitheater + “The Nest”

Outer Ring​

  • Classroom/Workshop

  • Mechanical Building

  • Greenhouse, Gardens, and Barn

Housing – each mini-village consists of housing for 10-15 people.

  • Big Leaf Maple Village

  • Meadow Village

  • Forest Ridge Village

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Programs in the village will focus on three areas:

  • Ecological Leadership – learning how to motivate and guide others toward an ecological worldview and accompanying practices. 

  • Practical Earthkeeping – acquiring skills and practices to better care for the earth. 

  • Environmental Connection – cultivating connection with the earth as members of the whole community of creation. This includes, when appropriate, guided spiritual retreat and renewal. 


These programs will be offered through:

Vocational Internships – Designed for young adults seeking green vocations and careers, participants will live, work, and learn at the Village for 3-6 months.

Learning Cohorts – Focusing predominantly on adult learners, these cohorts will combine week-long stays at the village with online coursework and connection.

Accredited Courses – Partnering with colleges, universities, and seminaries to offer unique courses.

Multi-Day Workshops – These accessible, 2-3 day workshops will focus on various topics of practical earthkeeping.

Guided Retreats – These will offer participants a chance to focus on rest, personal healing, and life discernment.

Hosted Courses and Events – As a unique venue, we will offer a limited number of hosted courses and events to missionally-aligned organizations and communities.



Current Work Detail

Currently we are focused on establishing a clear and compelling vision, bringing together a creative design and development team, gathering seed funding, and completing the first building project. Completing this phase will allow us to begin substantive onsite programming and help future participants and funders catch the vision of the village.

The particular elements include:


  • Transfer of the 40 acres to Circlewood – with great thanks to Tom and Christine Sine ✔️

  • Clarify vision and gather design and development team – an exciting vision with a world-class team ✔️

    • Listen to a podcast with our architect here

  • Begin onsite programming – started day retreats, work groups, etc. ✔️

  • Finish existing building as first classroom I

    • IN PROGRESS – design is complete. Permit application in.

  • Build prototype housing unit

    • IN PROGRESS – initial design underway.

  • Install preliminary infrastructure

    • IN PROGRESS – access road in. Well is dug.

  • Raise $925,000

    • IN PROGRESS – $425,000 raised. $239,000 grant won.

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The long term impact of Circlewood Village will come through transformed students, guests, and long-term residents who experience the village, go through an immersive educational experience, and are sent out to do their part in the “Great Work” and bring transformation to their communities.


As a center for ecological leadership, we will send out thousands of Circlewood alumni to accelerate change in thousands of places.

As a place of practical earthkeeping, we will collaborate on measurable changes that makes sustainable living attainable and beautiful.

In our commitment to spiritual renewal, we will strengthen people for the long journey of renewal by rooting the work in Meaning, Joy, and Spirit.


As the center for Circlewood’s media endeavors, we will expand our connection and service to the growing global community of creative earthkeepers.


In these ways, Circlewood Village can be a center of global transformation that truly “accelerates the greening of humanity.”

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Help build Circlewood Village.

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