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In a forest, a stand is a unique community of trees that stand together as they grow and support one another. The Circlewood Stand is the unique community of people standing together to accelerate the greening of faith. 


Take a Stand

Stand FOR an ecologically-conscious faith that helps:  

  • Heal our planet. 

  • Transform our collective way of life. 

  • Renew our faith communities.  


Stand WITH Circlewood as we develop: 

  • Creative media that connects people to innovative ideas, people, and endeavors. 

  • Educational programs that transform peoples' worldview and way of life.   

  • Circlewood Village, a place that demonstrates new possibilities for life and faith. 

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Grow Together

We are committed to supporting those who support Circlewood through regular opportunities to grow and connect, including:

  • An annual learning event designed specifically for Stand members.

  • Curated resource recommendations four times/year.

  • An annual "stakeholder" meeting to ask questions, share ideas, etc.

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Join Us!

Joining is easy - all it takes is a commitment to support Circlewood financially (any amount) or through volunteer time, and a willingness to participate in Circlewood programs and events as you are able. Choose an option below to sign up.

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