A community of trees that stand out as a distinguished unit as they grow together.

A stand of trees is a part of a forest, yet unique, a community standing together and supporting one another. In many ways, the Circlewood community is like a stand - a growing network of people that are standing together as we help one another grow into more healthy and sustaining inhabitants of creation.


Our mission is to accelerate the  “greening of humanity” - the transition of our worldview and way of life needed to help heal the earth, care for the vulnerable, and ensure a just and flourishing future. Our innovative work on Camano Island, transformational online courses, insightful Earthkeepers podcast, and a variety of Circlewood programs in development are helping make these changes possible - but we need your help.

Will you plant your roots and take a stand with us?

We invite you to join the Circlewood STAND, a growing community of monthly supporters standing with each other and standing for a better world. Joining is easy - read on for more information.

You will STAND with:

  • Fellow members of Circlewood’s ministry - staff, board, volunteers, and supporters.

  • Fellow listeners of the Earthkeepers podcast - representing 5 continents and 26 countries.

  • Fellow servants of creation who integrate love for the earth with their spirituality and care for others.

  • Fellow activists who are accelerating the greening of our communities and our world in thousands of creative ways.

You will STAND for:

  • Life-long learning that focuses on creation as the classroom and practical ways to green your home, church, work, community, and world.

  • Innovative gatherings that bring people together for collaborative work focused on long-term change.

  • Creative resources that challenge the status quo and help people see the world differently.

  • Contributing to a community committed to making the world better for future generations.

You STAND to receive:

  • Monthly newsletters with updates on our common work and opportunities to engage.

  • An annual report on Circlewood's accomplishments and future plans.

  • Really great coffee from our friends at Camano Island Coffee Roasters.

  • Discounts on Circlewood programs and events.

  • A Circlewood patch for your backpack, hat, or jacket.