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2022 End of Year Update

Dear Circlewood community,

Greetings! I hope this finds you well as winter begins to settle into the Northern Hemisphere. Almost all the leaves from the big leaf maples that grace our new home on Camano Island have now fallen to the ground. They will return to the soil as part of the great cycle of creation, their death making new life possible. Their absence from the canopy allows me to see farther into our forest, bringing new things to my attention that I had not noticed before. In a similar way, the pillars that have held up our way of life for the last few centuries are starting to fall – churches are emptying, economies are stumbling, politics are polarizing, and ecosystems are changing. The damage we are doing to one another, and to Earth, is becoming clearer, and we can now see a bit farther into our collective future. It is a bit scary to take a look at what is coming, but it is also an opportunity for new life to emerge – a chance to come together and build a greener future.

This is what Circlewood is all about, and I’m excited to report our work continues to move forward. Here are a few highlights:

  • We expanded our creative media work. The Earthkeepers podcast is about to conclude its third season, and has been downloaded over 26,000 times and reached people in 70+ countries. Our online journal, The Ecological Disciple, now has 200+ subscribers.

  • We continue to attract educational partners. More and more schools, camps, churches, and other institutions are recognizing that they need an framework that is deeply ecological, practical, and spritual as they prepare for the next season of their life. As we continue to develop programs, courses, and curriculum, we are blessed to be in conversation with The Seattle School of Theology, Northwest University, Seattle University, Au Sable Institute, Warm Beach Camps, and numerous churches.

  • Circlewood Village is several steps closer to reality. We have submitted permit applications to complete the first building within our 40-acre forest on Camano Island. In addition to the $400,000 we have raised for the village so far, we were just awarded a $229,000 grant from the Murdock Trust!

As we celebrate these accomplishments with you, we also look ahead to 2023. Take a look at several opportunities we hope to pursue:

  • We hope to incorporate more video production work in our creative media. This will allow us to reach new people and add an important element to educational programs and courses.

  • We hope to launch our first learning cohorts and begin on-site programming at Circlewood Village.

  • Finally, we are planning to finish the first building for Circlewood Village and begin looking toward the next phase of development.

A generous donor has given an end-of-year Challenge Grant of $75,000 as an invitation to you to join in the work to build a greener future and help move Circlewood forward.

“Circlewood is already making a real difference, and the opportunities just keep coming. I’m committed to helping build a greener future through my financial support. Will you join me?”

-Challenge Grant Donor

Will you consider a year-end gift as an investment in these opportunities? Your gift of $1000, $500, $250, or $100 will add to this momentum and propel the mission forward. You can contribute online HERE, or by sending a check to the address at the bottom of this page. All gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you again for your partnership and support. Feel free to reach out to me with thoughts and questions at james.amadon, and join me in thanking God for the progress we have made and in “Building a Greener Future” for the year ahead!

James Amadon

Executive Director, Circlewood

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